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Headsets and helmets!?

That cranial really brings back memories! Green one is probably from a maintainer, wonder how it found its way out of the Navy. Probably those Coasties Wink It's better than nothing, but you might want to try an aviation helmet. I have a couple you can borrow indefinitely until the small chance I need them back. I have a standard issue Navy HGU-68 XL with military connector (will need to be converted, been personal helmet from 2004 to 2015), as well as an SPH-5 Large, with civilian helicopter connection.

I only fly with my Alpha Eagle with memory foam earpads, Communication Ear Plugs (CEP), and faceshield if the doors are off so that ATC can understand what I'm saying. This is however a $2800 package, and overkill for most sport pilots.
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