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Larry keeps trying to fly.
My first hover!

Thank you John Uptigrove and everyone on the forum here for helping me make a life long dream come true!

mybest, larry,
Congrats Larry, Theres nothing like that first solo hover in your own machine. Kudos to you buddy.

good job Larry!

I was just a little worry to you doing on a small place but you get a nice control over the machine =D

Congrats to your bird Wink
Good job Larry. Yes I'd recommend first flights in a slightly larger open area. Note that those who train in an R22, Rotorway or other such machine often take a few minutes to get over the larger control inputs they are used to in those machines in order to adapt to the fairly small increments required in the Mosquito. Once you overcome the initial overcontrol tendancy and get on to the smaller control movements it becomes fairly simple to hold a steady hover.
I hope it's ok to this but in that first video you were freaking me out!

Glad to see you smooth things out.

It's great to make that first flight, isn't it?
Mosquito ownership is worse than a crack habit.......
Your now owned by the cartel Smile

Hey Larry,

Looking good, congratulations on your first hover experience.

Good job!



Congrats Larry, your first nine trys are exactly the way I picture my first twenty. You did very well .
Oh! If I could only win the lotto.
Thanks all for your great supporting comments! My first-hover-HIGH lasted weeks!

Yesterday the trailer got done enough to take Mosquito down to the river where there's more room. Room to fly! Guess what, the second, third, and forth-hover "high" is as good as the first! A 90 deg. peddle turn to the right. Maintained 2 feet alt and direction. Drifted left & right & forward maybe 5 feet off my mark, then back ... relaxed just enough to stop fixating on the gauges, holding steady, small stick movements, look left, look right, look ahead, big smile, look - I'm hovering!

I'm hooked! Nothing else matters now. All I can think about is finding my next hover. It's Johns fault! And you guys helped!

Used 2 gallons of AvGas w/35:1 Italian oil. EGT got over 732C(1350F). Is that too high? What to do? Where should the Bings be set? Am I too Lean? Rich? Old? Stupid?


mybest, larry,

raise the needles to their highest groove i.e. lower the clips.

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