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Larry keeps trying to fly.
I didn't know that Larry died.
When I saw a post in "Larry keeps trying to fly" I was hoping that we were going to hear from him, it's been a while and I miss his posts.

I searched around for an obituary but didn't find one.

He was a great part of our Mosquito community and a lot of fun here on the forum.
I will miss him.
Thanks for everything Mate!

As everyone can see from my post 16th Jan 2012 Larry was simply inspiring!
Will be sadly missed!

Mosquito owner-Legend

your ultralight mentality will be missed
it surely was a blessing

Mosquito owner-Legend

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I think its cool that someone took on the task to make a memorial site for Larry. For you guys that haven't checked you should, kinda a way for us to honor Larry for being such a HUGE part of the mosquito community. I just learned recently of his passing and was saddened to hear, but kinda at peace knowing he had such a following and had touched so many people, not just in our community but well beyond it. I only regret having never got a chance to meet him and I know many other regulars at our factory fly in shared the same feelings when discussing Larry stories.

God Speed my friend.......
I am very saddened to hear that Larry is gone, didn't know the man except through his posts and videos. The world is made more interesting by "characters" and Larry was certainly a "character". I'll miss reading about and watching his exploits. If there is a heaven I'm sure he will keep everybody there very entertained.

My condolences to his loved ones.

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