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Larry keeps trying to fly.
No reason to run avgas unless you just want to pay for it. There is no advantage to the high lead content in that engine.
Congrats Larry! It seemed to be a bit of a shakey start (as mine will be), but in the 2nd video you got a handle on things. Keep videoing your progress if you can, I'm learning by seeing others, and when I finally fly (late summer) I'll know some of what to look for.
Keep it coming!
Larry, looking good man. Those trees looked real close.
Thanks for all the comments! My Bing rings were in the middle. I moved 'em to the bottom for a richer midrange? Still temps seem high, but maybe it's normal? 1350 EGT and 435 CHT? I noticed I was running a bit above the green RPM being so nervous? --- Per request, I made another video (below), this time down at the river where there is more room. I'm still not sure I'm ready to hover without my 20 foot long sissy training-wheels boom. The video was cut short for some reason, probably dead batteries. The hovering went on and on for a long time even though the temps seemed high because I was having just too much fun and could not quit until I ran out of gas! I'm sure it's boring to watch but it sure is not boring to DO! --- so much to learn. So much fun learning. Man.

mybest, larry,

It's getting more and more fun! Crazy. When will I be ready for transitional forward flight? And wow, that first auto! Oh boy... does the fun and excitement ever end? Maybe not! I have soooo much to learn!

mybest, larry,


Hey Larry,

Man you've settled down to a really nice control touch. Real smooth and rock solid. Turns, hover taxi, and landing are just right...great job.

Those temps are really on the high side. Are both cylinders reading the temps you stated above, or just one?

Did you adjust the dual tach using the Tiny Tach as your reference, or are you flying the way you received the tach. Point being...if you're running too high engine RPM, you would perhaps have high temps.

What altitude is your operating area? You may need to do some jet changes depending on many things to consider to sort out high temps. It is important to sort it out soon, cause it is not good to run high temps.

Good luck,


Hi Eddy,

Turns out the high temps were not high! I was experimenting with backup power via 7.5V NiCad batteries and diodes. Everything seemed to work. The CDI's work at 5 volts. But I noticed when the voltage went down from 7.5V to 6V the temps went up, so another "uh ha moment" - I turned on the full 12V supply and surprise, the temps are way down and looking great! And the Rotor+Engine RPMs are not split anymore! Now I have a volt meter on the panel and feel a lot better about my very COOL running MZ202 engine! Happy days!

mybest, larry,

Good news,

The temps did not make sense, so glad you sorted it out!



Looking good Larry. You've adapted to the controls response well. I see very little hand movement now, just as it should be. Good to see the temp issue is figured out. We've all learned something now, don't mess with voltages! Looks like you'll need to move to another larger area to start practising transitions and forward flight.
Oops I didn't answer some questions:

The dual tach is adjustable? I checked it on-the-bench last year with a frequency generator. Center green was 450 RPM. I think I checked the engine rpm side too but don't remember the number. I think the TinyTach is reading close to 6000.

Altitude here: 974 feet MSL + 3 feet AGL = lucky fun 977 MSL.

Fuel: AvGas w/ 35:1 Castor TTS, yesterday regular unleaded w/alcohol 10% + 35: TTS. I see in the forum here that premium is better? I'll try to buy some premium tomorrow if I can get to town (driving on roads - ugh)

GASMAN, I need more gas, tell me about gas Gasman :-)) maybe this should be filed under Fuel etc, I'll bet it's an ongoing issue.

mybest, larry,


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