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Larry keeps trying to fly.
I want to do 20 foot autos like Mark and John and everyone. Where do I start?
Larry my man!! Your latest video was a 100% improvement over your first flight, and a 80% improvement over y our second! Good going! I can't help you with the 20 auto's though, but I'd think that you might want some more time and experience with transitions to forward flight, etc. There's plenty of guys far more knowledgable than me on the subject so keep watching this thread, someone will pop up and fuss at you then lead you through the ropes.
Your video's have been an inspiration to me for when I finish my AIR, please keep them coming!
Be careful Don't push it take it easy just like you are doing.
I would make the recommendation that lessons would be the safest way to progress into autos
Talk to Eddy. He'll walk you thru the auto in baby steps. That's the way you'll want to progress. :o
27 Pickups and set-downs, boring, practice, practice, practice, fun, fun, fun.

Actually I didn't count. 27 seems like a good number.

I was taught the pulse-like stick movement "put some in, take it out" early on - in hour 3 in a R22, and was told later it's not a good technique to keep. Bad habit? I wonder if more weight on the nose would reduce the tendency to move backwards so often? Thanks for any comments.

Yet more practice. Have to take advantage of this awesome weather here in the North West as I noticed Jerry did yesterday. Pencils up!

I guess everybody who's anybody is at Sun-n-Fun this week?

Hi Larry,

Great to watch you learn.
I can live my dream to fly a heli through you until I can get flying myself.

Hey Larry,

Looks like you have the control touch "penciled in". It looks much smoother now and the amount of cyclic movement is much less then the hover in earlier videos.

Be safe, and don't push beyond your comfort zone.

Good luck,




As to your question about learning hovering autos, get dual instruction on autos including hovering autos. This will give you the understanding and feel of actually doing autos. Once you have completed the instruction, you will have to tailor your training to learn autos in the Mosquito. Here is the link to a thread discussing hovering autos and the technique Mark and I used to learn the hovering auto.  My son Mark is a helicopter CFI, check airman, etc. so I actually had ongoing instruction while using the technique below.;posts=11

Be safe and smart...get the auto dual training first!

Good luck my friend,



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