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Larry keeps trying to fly.
I agree. Never having flow a helicopter till now, Dual training is a must at least to solo. The instructor is a tested wealth of knowledge that can point out other things and techniques that you can't get from a book or cd. I use John's cd to reinforce my training. It is nice to have a pro sitting next to you when you are doing your 1st 5000 ft auto. I still bagged the first one after he demonstrated and then I had the chance to fix my mistakes and try again once back at 5k. It reinforced everything they say about getting to the ground safely.
Thanks for sharing with us. I love helicopters. Have flown in them several times. I to want to do this.Thanks again
The other day was circle day:

BTW, the best solution for the muffler cracking problem is the double joint deal at Dwight's company:

Today was test the revised improved (John U. helped) weight -n- balance day, but to try and make it more interesting I added a heart rate monitor - just to see how excited the old man gets in a hover:

mybest, larry,


Hey Larry,

I see your right foot as you roll off power. The first one, you pushed just a little more right pedal than needed (as evidenced by the slight yaw right). The second auto was right on. Good work. Just keep working on it until you get repeatible results every time then go just slghtly higher until you again get repeatibility.



Lots of 3 inch hovering auto practice, a little tail, more auto learning - hope I can get good enough at this before I break something... --- engine is running great! Torque head bolts, watch temps. Lost little baffle inside air-guide making upper cylinder 15% cooler than lower! Riveted a new one in (Leon sent - thanks Leon!) and all is well now.

this is a very interesting post. i find it hard to believe that you can safely learn all aspects of heli flying in a single seat machine. please get some dual instruction in all aspects of flight. good luck 
What makes you think Larry hasn't had dual training? From what I read in his posts he has and I think he's doing great, keep it up Larry were all watching.
marcher07 - 4/20/2009 12:14 PMI would make the recommendation that lessons would be the safest way to progress into autos
ill second that!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yesterday was practice practice practice day. Notice the second mini-hover-auto I pulled some collective after landing (for fun and knowledge) and she popped right back up. Did lots of quick stops. It helps to pick a spot to hit I notice. Temps look good with new baffle but top cylinder is still a little cooler. Enlarge baffle? Running premium w/ 35:1 TTS. Fuel flow indicated 3.5GPH though not sure Navman is calibrated. Only 20 minutes but get a high that feels like the fist time, the very first time (was her name Candy?)

All the autos my instructors showed me in a 269 and R22's always ended with power recovery hover. I want to learn autos for real - to the ground - without power.
10) Engine = up;
20) Gravity = down;
30) Training & Experience = GOTO 10;

Alright now Larry ! You're having way to much fun with that thing Wink
Seriously, I'm not a helicopter pilot yet, but I can tell that you've improved a lot since you started, and you're much more comfortable with your AIR.
It would be nice if you could practice in a bit larger area, but hey, if you can fly in the confines of that area, you'll do fine when y ou finally cut your chain.
Keep it up, and keep the videos coming! They're a major source of inspiration for my while I'm building my AIR.

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