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What a good day today was!
Yeah, I was actually going to scheduling my first flight in an Enstrom this weekend, but the weather forcast is not great so I'll do it some other week. I got my start in the 300, then when that crashed (ground resonance, not with me in it), I moved to the R44 which I loved (the school gave me 10hrs of R44 time for the same price as the 300 since it died). I got a few hours in a 333, but now sadly trying to finish in an r22 which Im not fond of. The Enstrom is about $100 more an hour, but if I love it, I might pay the extra.

The R22 is a nice little craft, I just don't like training in it. It's a lot tighter and less comfortable than others Ive flown, and not very forgiving. Even my instructor had some problems with low rotor RPM trying to do a power on recovery of an auto. I looked down when the horn went off, I swear it was nearing 60% before it climbed back up, and it dropped fast. Guess he timed it wrong. Either way, I've gotten the hang of it, but I feel like my training took a backslide with the R22 with the need to always be so cautious and on point... doesn't easily allow you to divert your focus to learning radios, cockpit management, navigation, and I do feel since it's not forgiving the instructors are more cautions about doing stuff.... In the 300 if I wasn't managing RPM well and we were heavy my instructor would just let me bounce it down the runway as I mastered the art of milking the collective... in the R22, no margin for letting me learn the hard way, instructor's always immediately on the controls. I do enjoy the R22, but would rather train in something else. It's like trying to teach a teenager to drive using a Lamborghini... just asking for trouble.

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