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Hungaro Copter Recovery System
Happened across a video on YouTube of a helicopter called Hungaro Copter.  I've never heard of it before so I did a search for their website and found it - had to use Google's translate function.  Anyway, what really caught my eye is they are experimenting with an electric backup in case of engine failure.  I don't know how successful this recovery system will be, but found it interesting.  You can look at the recovery system here:

You'll probably have to use Google translate function.
I was wondering if the 2 seat air model they are testing in Europe will be getting the same idea at some stage, as it currently pre spins the rotor electrically.
Thank you Grevis, I was not aware of the "Air 2" being developed in Europe, but I looked it up and watched the video of it starting (the pre-rotate function) and some test flying. Interesting.

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