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XE285 Kit Instructions
Hello all
I am new to this forum, my first post. I am looking to get an XE285 kit. I would like to see the instructions for the kit prior to purchase to see what I am getting myself into. I have contacted Composte FX but they were unable to help. Any suggestion from the Mosquito community? Thanks!
Since it is quite a major purchase maybe you should ask the factory if you could go there for a day, see machines being built, the parts involved and meet the people at the business. Everyone who has been there have aways commented how friendly and helpful they are.
Bit of a hike for me as I am in Southern Ontario, otherwise I’d be there in a heartbeat. I just want to go over the home build process, be sure I have the skills and resources needed.
Hi Andy,
If you PM me I'd be happy to give you a call (I'm based in Australia so almost all machines are home built out here)
-Mosquito sales and services Down Under-

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