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I think one of the best ways to get rid of these a-holes and their spam to is grant permission to join. I am not sure if the admin of this site has the ability to do that but it would go a long way in eliminating these scum bags. Also, other sits I am on require your answer a simple question like: what is the sum of 4+8. I despise spammers....
They add no value to the site - I would be happy to answer a simple question like that before adding a message.
This is it! The robot uprising has begun! Everyone grab a weapon, we’re now fighting for our survival!

Lol anyways, the problem is our lovely little forums already has a decent anti-bot registration process, unfortunately technology is just advancing so fast and we’re all struggling to keep up. The bots nowadays  are actually quite intelligent for just being a simple program. It’s unfortunately not unlike the anti-virus industry, it’s all reactionary. By the time we develop a new system to counter the current bots, a new breed of bot is already out on the market!

Sure you could add so many steps to go through that the bot managers just get tired of micromanaging the bots and just blacklist your forums, but that also tends to shy away prospective new members...I guess what I’m trying to say is that the internet sucks!  Tongue
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If you had to sign up with permission from a person, an info pack could be emailed to the new member. Always good to support the Mosquito factory with their sales.
I operate a forum that uses the same software at this one and there is an option for new users to be approved. However, that may only stop a machine bot from registering. A human can still sign up and then wait to flood the forum after he's approved.

In this recent attack, it was all from 1 user. In this case, there are a few more options the forum software has to prevent a flood of spam posts. However, this does increase the moderator and/or admin workload. And my guess is that the factory folks would rather fill orders and built helicopters than be bogged down with forum admin. I surely would.

In my forum, all new users' posts are moderated. Meaning their posts need to be approved before they can be viewed. I also limit the interval between new posts, so they cannot flood the forum. I make sure all new users understand this. After a few valid posts, I then choose to relax the restrictions. This method does a fair job of deterring spammers and the few that manage to fake their way through, are still banned. The down side is that a moderator has to approve each post, which increases workload.

Perhaps a few of us could volunteer to be moderators to help reduce the factory's workload? I for one would be willing to help out. I can also help with software settings changes if that is needed. Also understand that having too many moderators can also increase the workload of the site admins.
Well this sux, I enjoy getting on here and read the threads, but now a few morons have that all jacked up. I will be starting classes to get my pplh just after the start of the year. Will be looking to buy a exl285,to start building hours for my cpl, can't wait to have a set of wings next my name. Looking forward to chatting with yall, without all the spam crap. YALL HAVE A BLESSED DAY
I would be happy to help control the flood of unrelated post. Admin' need the help?
Should be cleaned up now... Like most of us too much to do and not enough hours in the day!!!
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