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Used mosquito
Hello all my question is there any way to buy a used mosquito , you know like a used car ? Or do people never sale once they buy .
Used Mosquitoes are seldom offered for sale. When one does come available, it usually sells quickly. Have you considered building? There is plenty of help available form other builders and the factory.
Yes this is my long term goal is to build one of the air models it will take me about 3 years . Money an time are the holdup I was just looking for a short cut . Thanks for hitting me back .
Somebody had an air nearly finished not long ago that was for sale.... It was in Hartville, Ohio I think. Anyone?
If I remember right, all it needed was wired and it was done.
I'm about ready to start thinking about selling my AIR. Health issues have been working on me for the past couple of years. I have serious calcium issues affecting my bones, especially the spine. Lots of titanium in there so far, more to come.
I have thought about dismantling my AIR
and going through it to see if all's ok. It has all of 4 hours. One minor tail rotor strike into my wifes best mountian Laurel bush. Mark Thompson test flew it for me, and has the most time in it (in one flight) to date.
Any interest please PM me.
Uvalde, Texas
(haven't studied pricing as of yet, but would be happy to recover the kit cost is all. This
would be based on what I
paid in 2008).
Hello I'm sorry to hear about your health problems , do you have a ballpark of what you would sell it for ?
Milk is like poison! Just go vegan (not for the stupid animals but for your health) and you will see a dramitac change in your health for the better. Trust me the dairy industry does not like this information to be tossed around. If you research it and actually see the truth it is quite alarming. Anyway, quit dairy and get better. Also, I wish I had A misquito Air every day and you are very fortunate Smile
I just happened to see a guest looking at this thread and thought I would check it out. Robert, did you sell your Mosquito? I have seen so many posts from you since this thread was active so I don't think you sold it and I hope you didn't. I have not heard from you since the day I test flew your Mosquito a little over two years ago. That is a sweet little ship. Please give me a call sometime. I'd like to see how you are doing and I don't have your number.

Jbaum, I think I recently saw the Mosquito Air from Ohio and I'm almost sure of it. I had a man named Vic call me from New Mexico. He told me he bought a Mosquito Air that had been built by an ex Army helicopter mechanic. He said it was all done except for wiring and asked if I could check it out and test fly it. He tailored the machine here from NM and when I went through this thing I was very disappointed. The frame was not put together well, terrible riveting, controls were not in good shape, old style head and tail rotor. I think there were a lot of good salvageable components like the engine (it had never been run), muffler, gearboxes, main rotor shaft, cog belts, pulleys and instruments. I told Vic that I would not be flying his machine and that he would have to spend a lot of money and practically rebuild the helicopter before it would be air worthy (and I mean that in both ways “air worthy” and worthy of being an “Air”). I told him that he could use the good parts in an XEL and that he was probably 1/3 to maybe ½ way to having a complete XEL. He said he was going to order and XEL from me and I haven’t heard anything from him since and it’s been well over a month. I have tried to call him and email him but he has never contacted me again. My worry is that he is trying to sell this helicopter. The helicopter was unpainted except for the main and tail rotor blades and they were red, white and blue. Be on the look out for a machine that meets this description. I’m not saying not to buy it if you want the good parts from it. Vic said he paid $10,000 for the helicopter and I’m sure there is at least that much worth of good useable parts on it if not closer to $15,000.
I already have an XE mostly done, I was just passing along info to reply to the original post.
Yeah, I know John, I was just passing the info to be on the lookout for a guy trying to peddle off a poorly built machine. I hope you are enjoying your Mosquito.

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