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Used mosquito
Hey Rob 2, what would we do without you, man?
Who will be Rob 2 if you quit?
And who will saw down the Mountain Laurels for us?
Them suckers aint goin'to just geddout by themselves ya know!

You got titanium? I got more. See my composite X-ray of my left shoulder that I broke flying a "trike" through a tree.
(the tree won), combined with my pacemaker which once implanted, brought my commercial flying career to a stone motherless end. After many years the pacemaker died but i did not.

Hang in there man. I may want to stay with you in Texas with you some time.


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Looks like that Pacemeker's gyro has gymbal-locked!! Smile
My dad always said: "getting old ain't for sissies" and "if I knew I was going to get this old I would have taken better care of myself".
Yeah, Eddy always had the right word at the right time.
Hey guys I'm in Alberta , Canada. I understand they're a rare commodity but I'm ready for an air. Ready or near there. aAyone have info its much appreciated. Rod
most are listed on
There is a XE listed on Ebay for $40,000 with about 100 hours on the frame.

Mosquito on Ebay

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