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Radio static Issue
I have a severe radio static problem on my Mosquito. I have an ICOM A6 transceiver mounted on the dash with a Spiros antenna mounted 3ft from the end of the tail boom. The factory antenna had the same static noise issue with the engine running. The ICOM is running off the rechargeable battery
inside the unit (not the helicopter battery) Also, I am using a David Clark H-30 headset.

Anybody have a solution ?
I have the same problem with both my v10 mgl factory radio and the icom a6. there is severe interference when the enigma panel is turned on or when the turbine engine is running. let me know if you find a solution
aslo I have tried 7 different headsets including an alpha eagle helmet that works perfect in other helicopters so its a localized problem with the mosquito. I read the mgl instructions and they state it is extremely important that all wiring is I don't know if that might be an issue?

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